Valentine Elizalde

Valentine Elizalde

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Muerte de Valentine Elizalde

Valentine Elizalde (wiki: Valentín Elizalde) was murdered by the zetas. At the concert he sang a song called A Mis Enemigos. That song, El Chapo the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, dedicated it to the zetas and members of the Cartel del Golfo by making a video and posting on youtube with the song, in that video it shows zeta members dead. So he went to reynosa and there he got killed because that song is dedicated to the zetas.

The original video posted by them say Para los Zetas de parte de su Padre (el chapo). In youtube is where supposedly members of the sinaloa cartel and gulf cartel are threatning each other. Valentin Elizalde should of not gotten involved in all the stuff, or maybe he never knew of the video, you decide, the video is also on google, at the end of the video that man with the M16, hes El Chapo the main head of the Cartel de Sinaloa, theres a 5 million dollar reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction. (by Jhon Doe, via Yahoo Answer)

Valentín Elizalde (February 1, 1979–November 25, 2006) was a Mexican popular banda music singer gunned down in an ambush. Known by the nickname “El Gallo de Oro” (The Gold Rooster), his biggest Norteño hits included “Vete Ya,” “Ebrio de Amor” “Como Me Duele” “Vencedor” ” Mi Virgencita” and “Soy Asi.”

Elizalde was born in a town named Etchojoa Jitonhueca, Sonora. He later moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco and later to Guasave, Sinaloa where he, his father, Lalo Elizalde, nicknamed “El Gallo” (The Rooster), and brother resided for a few years. His father, also a singer, died in a car accident on the “curve of death” in the city of Villa Juárez, Sonora. He had three children from three different mothers.

Valentine Elizalde’s death is said to be related to his lyrics about Los Zetas, a mercenary force employed by Mexican drug cartels.
Elizalde, his manager, Mario Mendoza, and driver, Raymundo Ballesteros, were gunned down in an ambush after a concert in the border city of Reynosa in an apparent gangland hit Saturday, November 25.

The 27-year-old Valentin Elizalde was killed about 20 minutes after performing at a local fair.

According to media reports, two vehicles chased Elizalde’s black 2007 Chevrolet Suburban GMT-900 as he left the concert and opened fire with automatic weapons as dozens of witnesses looked on. As many as 70 bullet cartridges were found scattered on the street around Valentine Elizalde’s car. According to media reports, Elizalde was hit as many as 28 times.

The Rumors
There are a lot of rumors about his death, some people said that he slept with the daughter of a drug dealer and stuff related with drugs.

The Valentine Elizalde Photo & Video Collections

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Valentine Elizalde’s Discography

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